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Life is speeding up again. Business trip to AZ next week (I fly out Saturday). Then when I come back we head down to the lake for some much-needed water time. The weekend after that is the Rose City Yarn Crawl – my LYS is booking a van again for the Saturday. I’m going to go just for the fun of yarn crawling, even though I don’t really need more yarn! (I’m sure some will come home with me anyway, and there are a few notions I hope to acquire along the way.) Then the next weekend is my birthday – we are planning a long weekend in Dundee, in the heart of the local wine country. And it’s probably back to the lake the weekend after that, because if we want to race there in early April, we need to get in as much water time as we can.

Add to that a ridiculous number of doctor’s appointments, for someone who is basically healthy. So far I’ve had my work physical (in the office) at the end of January, followed a couple weeks later by a real physical with my own doctor (because the work one doesn’t check thyroid function) following a visit to their lab the previous week so they could draw blood and have results ready for the doctor to discuss with me. There was also a dermatologist appointment, because I’m close to the end of my 40s and it seemed like a good idea to have one, and now in March I have an appointment with a more expert dermatologist to check up something the doctor “is pretty sure is fine – but I can’t say for 100%, so…” (There is a faint dark stripe that runs the length of one toenail – apparently this can be the result of a mole at the base of the nail. However, the doctor pointed out something the dermatologist missed – a matching but fainter line on one thumbnail. How likely is it that the skin on my entire body is fine except for two moles in hidden spots? Not very likely, I’m thinking. But getting it checked still seems smarter than not doing so.) Anyway, so that’s in March. And so is a dental check-up and an annual eye doctor exam. I guess at least they’ll all be out of the way after that!

It is illustrative that I called yesterday for a haircut appointment and had to book one three weeks out, between my calendar and theirs. Good thing I have long hair, so a cut or lack thereof doesn’t really show.

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