tiny decisions are the hardest

I am spending way way way too much time vacillating on whether to drive or take the MAX to the airport Saturday.

Pros: Faster (about 40 minutes vs 86).
Cons: Long drives still bother me. Ted wouldn’t have the use of my car while I’m gone – though he wouldn’t want me to use that as a determining factor.

Pros: No need to drive. The trip is longer but I can doze or knit.
Cons: I wouldn’t get home until 9:30 at night on the return trip. I think being on the train itself is safe enough, but I’d need to change trains (though I can do that in a part of downtown that will be lively) and then walk from the train to my car at the station. Ted would need to leave my car at the train station since I don’t think you’re supposed to leave it there for days – though that’s not a really problem since he’s taking MAX to a work retreat that night.

On second thought, the time difference is not quite that dramatic. Figure ten minutes waiting to get on the airport shuttle, ten minutes riding it to my car, ten minutes paying and getting out of the lot, so that makes it closer to 70 minutes – though to be fair I should also add ten minutes waiting for the train. So 70 vs 96 minutes. And as for driving desensitization, I’ll be doing plenty of driving in Chandler – it will all be in an area that used to be my home turf back in the days when I was most confident driving (not the nervous new driver I was in Texas, but before the issues stemming from vision weirdness that developed in Taiwan) so I think that will help.

Sounds like I’m taking MAX. I do find that writing things out like this can help.

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