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civil rights and good china

When Ted and I got married, we chose patterns: china, crystal, and silver. (Respectively, Royal Doulton Princeton, Waterford Lismore, and Towle Old Master, if anyone is counting.) We got some for wedding gifts and have added some more, either by … Continue reading

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Fennel Salad Recipe

Tonight’s dinner, improvised from a few different recipes and the contents of the refrigerator, was tasty enough that I think it’s worth writing up the recipe. Solo Fennel Salad … or, what to do when the CSA gives you a … Continue reading

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book series rec: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s

I’ve been enjoying rereading The Chronicles of St. Mary’s series, by Jodi Taylor; these are time travel stories, excuse me, descriptions of investigating history in contemporary time. They are “kitchen sink” books; there’s humor of both the slapstick and more … Continue reading

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thyroid stuff

It has been too long since I wrote here, so there may be a few rapid updates. Interesting – my memory seems to have gotten better lately. I think my thyroid levels must be up. When I first went on … Continue reading

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mostly about books, just one thing to get out of the way first

On a quick political note: the reason I do not believe Bernie Sanders can win the Democratic nomination, no matter how many more states he wins, is that the vote is quite literally rigged. At the moment, Clinton has won … Continue reading

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assorted updates

Sorted into what they used to call “heads” in old sermons (gratuitous L.M. Montgomery reference there) so I don’t just meander confusingly. I. Rowing and such My shoulder has been bothering me this week, to the point where I didn’t … Continue reading

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