It has been too long since I wrote here, so there may be a few rapid updates. Interesting – my memory seems to have gotten better lately. I think my thyroid levels must be up. When I first went on thyroid meds, the pharmacist told me I should take them first thing in the morning, because it was important to take them on an empty stomach. Problems were, I don’t like taking pills first thing in the morning (though at least these are tiny) and I have a hell of a time remembering to. At my last physical, my thyroid levels were better but still on the low side, so my doctor was going to up the dosage until I pointed out that I was missing a pill every 3-4 days. (I think she was shocked that I hadn’t talked to her about it sooner – but how would I have known she could do something more useful than just saying “Well, try to do better”?) Anyway, she said it was OK to take the pill at bedtime as long as I hadn’t eaten for half an hour. I haven’t been rigorous about the half hour thing – I do tend to snack a lot – but I haven’t missed a pill since then.

I need to go in and get my levels checked again, since it’s been about 6 weeks, but I think it’s working. There’s the memory thing – and I’d swear my eyelashes are longer, oddly enough. (Though I do think my hair got a bit thicker during my initial year on thyroxin, even with the missed doses, so this may not be new.)