This is getting ridiculous. It seems like I’ve done nothing but go to doctor this year – and I’m healthy, for the most part! Now I’ve managed to unwittingly schedule two appointments for the same day, though at least fortunately they’re not close together in time.

Here’s what I’ve had and have scheduled, so far:

  • Annual physical provided from work
  • Annual physical from my own doctor (because my company got a new provider in to do these this year, and they don’t do as many blood tests – including the one that found low thyroid levels last year.
  • Trip to lab before physical, to get blood taken for testing.
  • Dentist for cleaning and checkup – no fillings needed, yay!
  • Optometrist for annual checkup – no change in prescription
  • Followup with my GP to recheck thyroid (I’d been told to take it in the morning and was missing a few per week. She told me it was OK to take it at night after all – since when I haven’t missed a dose – and wanted to recheck after 6 weeks of more consistent meds. Bear in mind I have *no* symptoms and only knew thyroid was low due to blood tests. TSH level is in the normal range but on the high end (meaning low-ish thyroid) so she upped my dosage.
  • Dermatologist. Had never been to one and it seemed like time to get a baseline check.
  • Superamazing internationally known (according to dermatologist) nail specialist – to get mysterious line in my toenail checked out and make sure it’s nothing much. It is indeed nothing much, as expected.
  • Mammogram scheduled next week. I think I’m quite low risk, but I’m old enough that I’m supposed to be getting them every few years.
  • Gastroenterologist scheduled for next week. Like the nail doctor check, just to look at a minor symptom and make 100% sure it has a correspondingly minor cause. Will probably end up with a colonoscopy, which I’d have had to get next year anyway, due to turning 50.
  • I will also need to go back tot he blood lab in another 6 weeks or so, just to recheck thyroid numbers again after the doctor upped my med.

I try to be responsible and all, but that sure seems like an awful lot of highly educated people, just to tell me I’m very healthy!

I’m on three meds: birth control (yes, still needed); a special extra-fluoride toothpaste (they have prescription toothpaste – who knew?); and thyroxin to increase thyroid function (as noted I have NO symptoms – but am curious as to whether increased thyroid function would give me thicker hair (seems like it has), better cold tolerance (no), weight loss (not so far), and more energy (maybe but it’s hard to tell – erg workouts have been seeming slightly easier to finish).