I just bought a gallon of milk. I don’t drink milk. I buy it sometimes for cooking, but I don’t know if I’ve ever bought so much as a gallon. So why did I do it today? Because a woman at my lunchtime knitting group (who also works in the LYS part time) mentioned that they were having some trouble getting her husband’s disability paid, and that when he went to the food bank they didn’t give him milk and cereal, though they gave those to other people with kids (they may have run out; she wasn’t sure). They are a family of 7. She didn’t say any of this in an asking-for-help way, just that we all tend to talk about our lives as we sit and knit. Well, I go on Tuesdays at lunch to sit and knit for a while, then I go to the grocery store down the street, pick up lunch and bring it back to eat at my desk. So I asked if she wanted to go with me so I could get her some milk (I don’t think I said it that clearly but she understood what I meant). Bought some cherries too, because I wanted some for me and even people dealing with hard times need a treat now and then. Maybe especially people dealing with hard times. And told her about the time I was on unemployment and it turns out Arizona only pays $200/week, max.

I love my country but some days I don’t like it very much. Our safety nets are too holey.

On the other hand, in happier beverage news, we had a great long weekend – the in-laws came to visit us at the lake, and much wine was consumed.