In other news, I had an odd but ultimately useful followup visit with my gastroenterologist yesterday.

First I waited 10-15 minutes in the waiting room, because they tell you to show up 15 minutes early even though all I had to do was confirm I’m on the same meds. Then the nursing assistant showed me into a room, took my weight, blood pressure and pulse, and left, saying it would be a few minutes because the doctor was just returning from the hospital (across the street). Half an hour later (luckily they had decent magazines) I walked out into the corridor to ask what was going on. The scheduling person nearby asked what was the issue and started to check with the assitant, but right then the doctor finally rushed in. He stopped somewhere first (presumably to wash his hands and put his stuff down) then came in. So I said, “Do I get a rebate on this visit?” pointing out that for my previous visit there he’d charged $450 or so for a very brief consult (I walked in, told him my symptoms and family history, said I thought I needed a colonoscopy, and he agreed and sent me to the scheduler.) And then he said “Well, this one will be free.”


Of course I protested and said I wanted to pay what was fair, but he stuck to it – I have never had a doctor do anything like that before.

Anyway, then we had a very useful visit. The upshot is that I had a couple polyps, one large, that were benign but were of a type that can potentially become cancerous so I have to go back in 3 years. They were removed and everything is fine, so this is just to check it stays fine. He also discussed my IBS and had a useful suggestion (I wasn’t going to bring up, because I didn’t expect anything much could be done and mine isn’t bad enough to take any drastic steps but he had a non-medication suggestion that might help). He explained all his reasons, and didn’t dumb anything down or brush me off, so overall I was very happy.

I thought maybe he’d given up the “freebie” idea but he mentioned it again on the way out, and when I protested, just said, “I want to keep you coming back!”

So, you know, wow. Guess I will be going back.