I think it’s been a really long time, since I posted any knitting photos here. This weekend will be our third Black Sheep Squared knitters’ retreat – the ‘retreat’ is basically just me inviting people to stay at our lake house in order to attend the Black Sheep Gathering in nearby Eugene. I am hoping it will be as fun as the first one – last year got a little weird, as we had as many non-knitters (someone’s family) as knitters there.) So in honor of that, time to post some current and recent projects.

This one is still on the needles, but has only a couple inches to go – it’s done when I run out of yarn. I’ll love wearing it, but am a little tired of knitting it – one thing about scarves, especially when knitted in fingering weight, is that they go on for a really long time. I’ve started another shawl (Antarktis, a simple pattern to show off the Abstract Fibers Alex yarn), and will reward myself with casting on a sock once I’ve finally gotten this scarf done and out of the way.
image image

The next is one of two squares I did for a group blanket project – the other was just a mitered square in blue and this same orange.

Then there are the most recent socks – I loved this colorway in the skein, but I like it less knitted up. Oh, well.

And two sweaters. The orange one (Wisteria, from Twist Collective), was a joy to knit all the way through. The blue is Cechetti, also from Twist Collective, and I got bogged down in the middle – somehow the body went fast and the second sleeve wasn’t bad but but the first sleeve took for-freaking-ever – and then I didn’t like the way it looked and decided somewhere during the second sleeve to frog the first one back and make them 3/4 sleeves. That’s better for a summer sweater anyhow. This sweater was the only Wollemeise I’ve knitted, and I think it’s a bit overrated – beautiful colors but it feels like string. I need a better picture of it. Ignore how the bottom arcs up – that was pre-blocking.
wisteria2 wisteria

cechetti2 cechetti1