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Sit by my side, come as close as the air…

I. I’m always amazed at all the things people don’t know. I don’t mean trivia so much – I can understand not knowing bits of history or song lyrics or whatever because you’re just not interested. And I’m always amazed … Continue reading

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a few more things about St. Mary’s

(See previous post for context.) These books are absolute time travel crack, but they move along so damned fast, apparently, even the author can’t keep up. Just a few of the continuity errors, behind a cut because spoilers are unavoidable … Continue reading

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a concise St. Mary’s reference

I really like The Chronicles of St. Mary’s series by Jodi Taylor; the first book was a bit awkward, as first books so often are, but they’ve smoothed out. There are faults, of course – a ton of minor characters … Continue reading

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narrative dreaming

I had the coolest dream last night – something about being on a spaceship that was mostly built by the Mayans. There were some issues with the oxygen system – we’d thought we wouldn’t need any O2 above 900 miles, … Continue reading

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Los Galapagos!!

I finally got our Galapagos trip blogged, and it took only 5 posts to do it. You can click each link below directly or just start with the first (or last) and page through. Quito About the ship, trip and … Continue reading

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Just a couple of photos of the knitting projects I’ve just finished:

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nearly back to normal life

We got back from the Galapagos just a week ago and I’m at the tail end of catching up: I’ve unpacked and done all my laundry; restocked the fridge and cupboards; caught up on email and news: set up a … Continue reading

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