We got back from the Galapagos just a week ago and I’m at the tail end of catching up: I’ve unpacked and done all my laundry; restocked the fridge and cupboards; caught up on email and news: set up a Google Drive and given access to all the other people on our trip so we can share photos; uploaded some of our own photos for them (everyone was eager to see Ted’s photos, because he brought a long telephoto lens).

I’ve also just about caught up on sleep; I never did get to sleep a night through during the trip. We were on the lower deck, toward the bow of a 12-passenger ship with no high-tech stabilizers. I can sleep through a ship’s rocking, but not through the bow whapping down after each wave, or through the anchor chain being lowered from right overhead. Then in Quito, our hotel room was noisy, then we had a red-eye flight that was a couple hours late so we left at 1:40 AM, one day off, and then back to work.

This weekend, I finished both the shawl I was knitting during the trip and the socks I’d left at home (after I frogged and reknitted the leg of the first sock four times before we left).

So now I just need to blog the trip – having selected our best photos already, for sharing, should help with that.

And then it’s time to be thinking about where we’d want to go for our next big trip.

Here, have a couple photos.