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These books are absolute time travel crack, but they move along so damned fast, apparently, even the author can’t keep up. Just a few of the continuity errors, behind a cut because spoilers are unavoidable though I’ll try not to be too specific.

In book 7, Max refers to a baby by name … just a couple of pages before his name is given to him, and it’s made clear that the name is a surprise to Max.

At an earlier point in the book, Max opts not to be reinstated as head of the History Department because that wouldn’t be fair to Clerk, and isn’t even sure she’ll stay at St. Mary’s … yet in the following short story she’s right back in the role.

Speaking of Clerk, who appears in Books 2-7, is he the same person called Clarke in Book 1? If so I’d have thought anyone appearing in the entire series deserves at least a little character development, beyond Max saying he’s good at his job.

Sometimes people don’t seem to know things they should. In Book 5, Peterson asks Max, “Was really once naked, tied to a bed?” If it’s the incident I’m thinking of, if he was naked it wasn’t mentioned, he wasn’t tied to a bed because he was in a coma, and anyway Peterson was there and would have seen for himself.

Also, time passage is a bit wonky: Max is fairly young, just a few years past PhD when she’s introduced (I guess she could be as old as early thirties), referring to herself as middle-aged when it seems just a few years have passed, and apparently never does stop to think about whether she might be fertile. (Being a fictional female means never having to go on the rag, after all – certainly that’s an omission not unique to this series!)

THen there’s the big obvious question, but I think this one contains its own answer
If Leon’s pod can be summoned anywhere, anywhen, why don’t he and Max just carry the remote at all times? Or give one to everyone qualified when they go on missions. OK, there are some reasons in a few incidences: the first time it’s needed, Leon had no reason to expect he would, the second time he’s in a coma and couldn’t have used it, the third time, Max wasn’t expecting to do any time travel at all for a while. But given at least three kidnappings, a couple of incidences of people being left behind, and a few cases where it’s too hard to get back to the main pod, you’d think having emergency transit on call would be a no-brainer. However, it would also be a plot-wrecker, so I understand that one.

So all in all, just a few continuity issues that rival the lack of logic in the Harry Potter series. I can’t wait for the next one.

(There’s a short story coming on Christmas that will be told by Mr. Markham, and a new book out next July 4. I don’t know how long she plans to keep going.)

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