This time of year it’s all about the knitting and the erg. Today I did 18km, the longest bit so far this year; Thursday begins the annual Concept II Holiday Challenge – my 16th, or something like that. It feels harder each year, but I think that perception is just because humans aren’t good at remembering pain. Certainly when I was showering this morning I remembered many post-erg showers when my arms felt just as heavy.

This week I finished and blocked My Find You Fade shawl; it took me 2 months, which is not bad for something that big. It uses more than half of 6 skeins of sock yarn; when I drape it around my shoulders, the ends reach to my ankles. I need to get Ted to help me take a picture of it on – though being so big it’s a little tricky to wear.

Last weekend at the lake house, whence I have moved all my beading stuff, I did some beadwork for the first time in ages – a necklace with some Roman glass and a pair of cobalt earrings.

For gift knitting, the kippah I’m making my mom for Chanukah will be done by tomorrow, the Wombat blanket for my SIL is close to done, and the dodecahedron for my nephew was finished long ago.

I started a pair of socks Thursday, which came in handy yesterday. My husband got home yesterday morning from a weeklong business trip, decided to try out some new woodcarving tools ….and I got home from work yesterday evening to be notified that I needed to drive him to the Immediate Care unit because he couldn’t stop the bleeding. (He ended up needing 2 stitches.) Tomorrow I will cast on one more project, a cowl, and will take that and the socks to my in-laws for Thanksgiving, and I’m still really liking the job, but it’s been a long time since any time off, so I’m looking forward to only two workdays before we leave. Tonight I made a recipe I’d saved in my recipe app long ago but never got around to, Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs – it’s always nice to find a recipe that’s easy and tasty (we have a gas grill and use it year ‘round). It’s a good weekend (apart from the spouse still being bandaged).