Plans and gifts

The in-laws have arrived for Christmas (this is a good thing). I’m pretty sure that everyone is getting flannel shirts up this year – husband has already gotten one from them for this birthday today.(we have a flannel shirt for him and a fleece lined Ned flannel shirt for her; I have one of each of those for Ted; there was a fleece-lined shirt on my Santa list and he’s received an appropriately-size package for LL Bean.

Cooking plans, mostly for my own reference: tomorrow, I will make cranberry sauce for Christmas, pot roast to be eaten Dec26, and chili for our Christmas Eve Dianne. And maybe some bread to have with the chili (dough already made, just need to pull off a hunk and bake it.)

Christmas Day: make a grainless, sugarless apple pie in the morning, then just pan-roasted cauliflower and mashed potatoes to have with dinner, while my husband deep-fries the turkey.

Also: I really like the wood floors at our lake house, but I’ve now gotten two splinters in my feet in one day. I give up: now more socks. It’s either slippers, or bare feet with socks I slide, and that’s when I get the splinters.

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