If all goes well, kinahorah, I’ll have completed 25 knitting projects this year. That’s a lot for me. More often it’s around 17 or so; in 2015 I completed 16 and last year only 13. I had no smaller projects, though, except for some dishcloths I knit for gifts. This year I had a nice range of big and small projects:

  • 4 hats (two pink pussy hats, one cabled beret, one baby hat/li>
  • 3 kippot – two color brioche
  • 6 pair socks, one currently still in work but it’s worsted weight and going quickly
  • 2 toys, a doll and a dodecahedron
  • 3 sweaters: two simple and sleeveless, one complex with cables and a hood (I hope to seam that one todayj
  • One lap blanket
  • 3 cowls
  • One very large shawl
  • The annual dishcloths, for my FIL’s Christmas stocking, in memory of his mother
  • So that makes sense of the numbers; if you subtract the hats and kippot, none of which took more than a few days, that would make it 18 projects, a more usual number.

    It’s not that there’s any race to finish, or any prize for making more stuff other than the knitted FOs themselves, but it does provide a look at how I felt during the year, about my knitting and overall. I’m more of a product than a process knitter, so I know I was frustrated last year – I started the year with two big sweater projects and didn’t finish anything at all until March, and I think I had less time for knitting overall. This year I started a new job, and the increased flexibility has not only been a joy in itself, but has also let me knit (simple projects) during the telecons I take from home. I firmly believe this is a help to focusing on the telecons; your hands are busy and there’s just enough going on to keep you from wanting to check your email or all the other things people usually do to distract themselves during long calls, especially during the parts where they are listening but not actively engaging. So it’s a win-win, for me and my company…. as long as I don’t try to, say, turn a heel or do complex lace.

    (Why does spellcheck keep trying to turn telecons into telecoms? When you’re talking about a meeting, it’s short for teleconference, not telecommunication.)

    Obligatory photos: