grumpy Monday

Last week at my dermatologist checkup, my blood pressure was higher than I’ve seen it for a while. Also, I had a mild headache or felt on the verge of one all week. So I dropped into the clinic at work (I love having a clinic at work!) and asked them to take my BP …. and it was another 20 points higher, 177/88. That is, apparently, not high enough to cause your brain to spontaneously explode, but it’s still scary high for me. I dithered a bit about whether to go to my primary care doctor (which would have to wait til Monday at least) or see one at the work clinic. I decided on the latter because I could be seen the same day, and also because I’ve only seen my PCP once (the previous one left that practice) and I’ve need the Nurse Practitioner at work once also, and liked her better. So now I will be going back on blood pressure meds, but first I have to go to the lab this morning to get my kidney function and electrolytes checked. This means I can’t eat anything or even have sugar in my tea until 9:15 this morning (my workday starts at 7).

The other bad thing that happened Friday is that I drove my car home with the sunroof open, then when I went to close it, it THUNKED loudly and refused to close all the way. So I also have an appointment with the mechanic this afternoon.

Couple all that with a potential issue at work that will need either lots of escalation or a creative way to avert it, and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be lowering my BP.

Well, actually, I do know how I need to lower my BP; I suspect a relatively small weight loss, 5-10 pounds, might have a big effect. Apparently, the thyroid meds I take only because the numbers in a blood test were high and not because of any actual symptoms can also raise BP. (There have been a bunch of articles on how thyroid meds are widely overprescribed – here’s a sample.) So I think I’m going to go off the Levothyroxin, and we’re going to try to eat smaller portions at dinner, having realized that we do eat more than we used to (because we cook better!).

Here’s hoping the car issue is easily fixed.

On the plus side, we finally had good weather on a weekend when we were both home and not sick so we finally got on the water! This is the first time in months, whereas usually we row almost all year round. I rowed one lap around the lake Saturday and it was glorious, though did abstain from kayaking Sunday because it was extremely windy. (I think I should have gone – from what we saw on the way home, the water wasn’t too bad. Oh well.

This day is not starting off well, but at least the weather is still beautiful – a good thing, since I can’t close my car’s roof!! Hopefully I can sustain the glow from the weekend a bit longer.

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