Clockwork and cat

Today’s odd experience: Just outside the work cafeteria, they often have a table with vendors selling something and offering samples – local honey, local chocolatiers, new energy drinks, and so on. Today they had someone offering samples of a product billed as “a meal in a bottle”. It’s call Soylent. I did not take a sample.

The other thing I wish I’d been blogging about is Oolong, our cat with chronic rhinitis. All spring she was a complete snot factory – I mean, it was fairly disgusting – and now for the last month or more you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with her. Around here, the tradition is that July 4 is when summer begins; any time after that you can plan outside activities without worrying about getting rained out. I’d like to know if her symptoms abated round then, which could be due to sinus stuff from pressure changes, or early, so I could check how well they track with pollen count. Anyway, she’s a fairly cuddly cat, who unlike her sister doesn’t claw or bite, and I am enjoying being able to snuggle her without a high risk of getting sneezed on with extreme mucus-ness.

With her sister Macchiato, the challenge is more about how to convince her that love-bites are not the best way to show affection to the furless members of your family.

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