A little remarked joy of middle age:

Your friends understand the concept of RSVP, and let you know if they’re coming in time to figure out how much food you have to buy.

In related news, we are hosting the fourth more-or-less annual Black Sheep Knitting Retreat the weekend after next, which should be a lot of fun even though the Black Sheep Festival has moved away from Eugene, so we will just be hanging out at the house (unless of course people want to visit the Animal House weekend in nearby Cresswell, celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the movie there where much of it was filmed). Knitting, companionship, wine, hanging out, kayaking for those interested – should be fun.  

This weekend should be even more fun, as were flying to California for my GFIL’s hundredth birthday. It will be odd, being social two weekends in a row.

The other thing I’m currently enjoying is Anne Fadiman’s biography of her father, The Wine-Lover’s Daughter. As a fan of Clifton Fadiman, Anne Fadiman, and wine, it’s completely up my alley, though I do feel sorry for Anne, who apparently has never managed to enjoy wine as much as she’d like to.  At least she is totally qualified to participate in her father’s equal passion for books; his New Lifetime Reading Plan is an achievement, but her Ex Libris is a love letter and a friend to any bibliophile. Friends on the shelf (or Kindle) I are not the worst sort of friend.

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