both my wrist and my social skills are feeling overworked

We had a great weekend with Ted’s family celebrating his maternal grandfather’s 100th birthday (with luck, we’ll be able to do the same for his other grandfather in 3 years). All of his descendants were there except one who’s currently living abroad – the most exciting part was getting to meet the new baby who made this a five-generation gathering. I got some fabulous photos of people, though I won’t post them here because some family members don’t want pics of them online. Everyone was on good behavior and I got to spend time with some people I like a lot and don’t get to see often, as well as some of the kids before they reach an entire new life stage.

One downside, though – I came back to work Monday all peopled out. I am really not looking forward to an intense week of work (we specialize in those, around here) and then houseguests next weekend. Very welcome houseguests that I invited myself but still.

On the other hand, I’ve spent most of today in my cube typing, so now my wrists hurt and dealing with people sounds like a good break! (I’m sure that will change shortly, as I have to go deal with Best Buy. On the way back home, my water bootle spilled in my bag and it all seems to have gone in my iPad. Either the Geek Squad can fix it, or I guess I’m replacing it. Not the fun kind of ‘dealing with people’!)

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