Looks like our respite from snot is ending; Oolong has been hacking and coughing though not quite as mucus-y as she was in spring (yet). It’s not surprising; due to fires across the PNW, our air quality is currently rated Unhealthy. Oolong is an indoor cat so she spends her life in an air-conditioned climate, but clearly she’s especially sensitive to pollens and pollutants.

It was nice while it lasted.

Meanwhile Tuesday was an expensive day. On the way back from last weekend’s family reunion, somehow my water bottle tipped over in my bag and wasnt completley closed. The water didn’t go all over the bag, but seemed to end up in my iPad, Kindle and knitting. The knitting is fine, of course, and luckily so is the Kindle. The iPad, not so much. I left it sitting in rice for two days, but when I pulled it out and plugged it in it still refused to power up. When I pulled out the sim card, it was still damp. That two-day delay also convinced me that I really missed having a tablet around; I use it for knitting patterns, GPS (easier to see than a phone), recipes, missing object games (hard to do on a phone) and generally just having information at my fingertips on a screen big enough to read it. So Tuesday after work, I first tried taking it to the Geek Squad and was informed they pretty much don’t fix water damage and that Apple might but it would cost weeks and hundreds of dollars. Then the Best Buy salesperson informed me they had no iPad Pros and no 9.7″ iPads with cellular capability in tthe store, so I went across the steet to Verizon. The person there confirmed the same story about getting it fixed, but sold me a new iPad. At least I “saved” around $400 by buying a regular iPad instead of replacing my iPad Pro; the Pro has a better display but not $400 better. Also one of the reasons I bought the previous one was to use the Apple Pencil – the regular iPads can do that now. I debated getting a Mini, but am not sure I want to go that much smaller – it’s enough bigger than my phone to definitely be useful, but I can imagine it still being hard to read street names or find hidden objects in a game.

Surprisingly, and very unlike the last few times I bought a device, I was out of there in under half an hour clutching my new toy. Of course that meant I had to go home and sync it to my computer but at least that can be done while I do other stuff. Unfortunately it had been nearly a year since I synced the old one! But it’s not like I keep a lot of data updated on the iPad; most documents I use are on the Cloud or Google Docs and other apps like Pepperplate, which I use for recipes, sync to an online account so nothing is lost. I’ve also been mostly storing new Notes in the cloud. The only thing I seem to be missing is all of my knitting patterns (even though I keep them in Goodreader, which was supposedly synced to the cloud). Ravelry saves me there; I can just re-load most of my patterns from there.

The one remaining issue is that the keyboard/cover from my iPad Pro won’t fit this one, and I hate carrying it around naked – it feels too fragile and too easy to drop.  In my experience it’s much, much cheaper to order a cover from Amazon than to buy one in either Beet Buy or Verizon; if I’m lucky the ones I bought Tuesday (separate cover and keyboard) will arrive before we head to the lake tonight. Yesterday I had a brilliant idea: I went looking for iPad keyboards on Amazon Prime Now, which delivers in just a few hours (the one I’d already ordered was only about $10, so having an extra would be OK). Not only did I find one, I found one that was $17 for a cover with built-in keyboard, that normally retails for $119. It was only an hour or two later, with the thing already out for delivery, that I realized I’d ordered an iPad *mini* cover. Oooooops. Not expecting this to work but figuring it was worth a try, I called Amazon to ask if I could just, like, give it back to the delivery person to return. Amazingly, they were able to cancel the delivery, refund the delivery fee, and even give me back a $5 credit I had that was used on the purchase. Shocking, in a very nice way.

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