Local wine!

What’s better than a festival where you can taste wine from a bunch of local wineries in one place? A wine festival a little more than a mile from your own house … that happens a day after the weather has finally broken, with comfortable temperatures and no smoke. The air quality has been awful here for weeks due to fires all over the Western US and Canada but it finally cleared out yesterday, at the same time lowering the high temperature of the day from the 90s to the 70s.

We rode our bikes to Orenco for Taste the North Valley, and got to taste a couple wines from about ten different wineries. They didn’t have as much food as I expected – only one vendor selling shrimp couscous and chciken Cordon Bleu, which seem like odd choices if you’re only going to have two things. But the shrimp was excellent, and there are a whole bunch of restaurants right there anyway, for anyone who wanted more choices. Great way to spend a Friday night – and since the event started at 4 and we’d bought tickets in advance, it also gave me a great excuse to end a meeting that didn’t seem like it was going to end in any other way. (It was also clear that longer discussion was not likely to be productive.) So yay, though I probably do still need to do some work this weekend.

On a completely different note, how did I never before read Diana Wynn Jones’ Power of Three, when I’ve had the book (real book, not Kindle) right here for years? And also, how did I never read the very Elizabeth Goudge-ian novella “Everard’s Ride” at the end of Jones’ collection Unexpected Magics, when I’ve definitely read Little Dot and some of the other stories in the book? Not that I’m complaining about having new DWJ to read!

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