I have been having a cold since early Thanksgiving week. I was a terrible guest at the in-laws for Thanksgiving – usually I help cook or take over part of it; this week I didn’t do anything involving touching food. The in-laws get vaguer and less willing to make advance plans every year, but hopefully they will come to us for Christmas and I can make it up then.

It was a bit depressing, too; MIL is at the point where she’s clearly being affected by the same dementia that killed her mother. It’s early days yet; she’s just losing words and retelling stories (I mean, more than would normally happen at her age). She can still drive and do everything else but needs a little more watching; FIL says she got lost going to a friend’s house not long ago. Since she recently got a smartphone, we’ve shown him how tech can help and made sure “Find a Friend” is turned on on her phone. I need to talk to him at Christmas about making sure she’s discussed this with her doctor; he’s not fond of going to doctors himself, despite or maybe because of being a retired pharmacist, so I don’t know if he’d push her to talk about it, but I know they do have drugs to help some forms of dementia.


I still have the remnants of the cold, mostly coughing and blowing my nose a lot. This is a problem since the choir I joined at work is in holiday recital season, singing for various groups at work and in the community. I’ve missed a few concerts so far and will miss another today; I just can’t sing! Symptoms are better each day, so I’m hoping to be able to perform at the ones on Wednesday and Thursday. (Or I could probably go sing bass.)

I lost several days of erging for the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge, too, but am more or less back on track. If nothing else happens I should be able to complete it well before Christmas Eve – and if stuff does happen at least I should be able to finish it on time. I’m at 76 km right now and will finish off the 100km level of the Challenge this week, but of course 200,000 is the “real” Challenge! (I have done the 100km version a few times when we had a lot of traveling during the holiday season and I just didn’t have enough days with access to a rowing machine to do more.)