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in praise of Rick Riordan: increasing diversity

I originally wrote the following as a comment on, but realized they might not appreciate a paean to a Disney/Hyperion author! One thing I have really enjoyed in Rick Riordan’s books is watching how each new series takes a … Continue reading

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ice and sparks

This morning I was woken at about 530 by a series of very bright flashes outside my bedroom window. Not sure what blew, but after that, every time a MAX train went by, sparks were flying from the overhead wires, … Continue reading

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Field trip

Just about every time I go someplace on public transit, I see big groups of teenagers: girls, boys, mixed groups. Sometimes I also see them walking around the city. Today I went on a “field trip“ with a bunch of … Continue reading

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2018 Knitting

I thought it might be nice to post photos of my 2018 knitting, so here goes …. ummm, right after I figure out how to add images in this newest version of WordPress. (The fix I found was to add … Continue reading

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2018: the year in numbers

Books read: lots – I’ve never had much desire to keep track, though I’m occasionally curious to know how many I’ve read in a year. I’d guess somewhere between 100-250, but can’t say more exactly. Knitting projects: 15 completed – … Continue reading

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