I thought it might be nice to post photos of my 2018 knitting, so here goes …. ummm, right after I figure out how to add images in this newest version of WordPress.

(The fix I found was to add the Classic Editor plugin. Now I can add images and other media the same way I always did – but I don’t seem to have a way to use the Gutenberg editor now.Since that one wasn’t letting me add images (other than by typing in the HTML directly, I guess) oh, well.)

Winter Lake Twilight Socks: I started these socks while we were still at the lake house for 2017’s holidays – and noticed my yarn was exactly the color of the lake out the window, soon after the sun set.

This reversible hat was for a swap; it was for someone working as an EMT so I thought a high-viz hat might be useful – then off duty she can wear the more sub-fusc dark green side out.

A cat toy, with a wine cork inside – I made a few of these.

I’m wearing this sweater today! Very pleased with the fit – though I wish I’d made the pockets bigger.

This is the Carbeth cropped sweater, a very quick knit in bulky yarn. I decided to join the Mason-Dixon Knitters’ “Bang out a sweater” knitalong, and this one took only 15 days. I’m keeping it at the lake house as a pullover for when it’s cool; unfortunately the yarn is a bit scratchy so I may not wear it as much as I’d hoped (also, I think a thicker yarn that knit up more densely at this gauge would have looked and felt better.)

A plain sock pattern with a cool heel. This colorway is called “Progesterone – I think when I bought it the indie dyer was sending a percentage of profits for this color to a reproductive-rights charity.

Knitted for a new baby in the extended family, who lives in Hawaii and doesn’t need warm blankets, socks or sweaters.

I don’t seem to have a photo of this as a finished project, but I promise I did finish it. It’s from Jimmy Bean’s 2017 Craftvent kit, which provided clues andf yarn / notions for each day of Advent. I had other projects going on at that time so I did this in my birthday month instead.

I did this linen shawl on our French Polynesia cruise – but had to end it early partway through the lace edge when I ran out of yarn.

These two yarns were from my stash – once I realized how closely they matched I was tempted to put them together into this very bright summer sweater.

This was for another swap – unfortunately I don’t have a good photo of it after blocking (though I do have a not-so-good photo).

Ted gave me a kit (pattern and yarn) for this sweater at Christmas and I finally completed it in October. As described here, the steeking was fairly painful.

The pattern is Gleði – I fell in love with this pattern and knit it entirely our of yarn scraps left over from other projects. Ted rarely wears hats, I didn’t need one, and I don’t think any others in my family would have worn it, so I sent it to my friend Rebecca who appreciates handknits and moved to a very cold climate this year.

A “team sweater”, knit in the colors we chose for our Rowell house rowing gear. I hated the yarn (Cascade 220 fingering) but liked the pattern a lot and wouldn’t mind doing another one in other colors. (Though I may end up doing it in the Cascade again, since I foolishly bought the yarn before finding out if I liked it.)

I bought this yarn when we were at Cannon Beach – the colorway is exclusive to the yarn store there, inspired by the tufted puffins nesting on Haystack Rock.

Projects still in work:

Now the year is over, I need to finish the cowl on the left – it has a few round of yarn from each project I completed in 2018 (it’s done up through about the Gleði hat.) I probably won’t do this again – apparently the yarns I use in a year don’t go together well!
Swirl Sampler is a cool sock pattern but I’m finding it annoying to know and it is lagging accordingly – four separate charts swirl around the leg of the sock and though they’re all fairly simple stitch patterns, I make enough errors that I do have to keep checking the charts. The sweater is entirely made of leftovers from other projects that went together beautifully; it’s going quickly (I started it on Dec 23 and I am well past the point shown in the photo, several inches into the gold yarn) and I hope to finish it by the end of January, so I can wear it before the weather gets too warm.