This weekend we:

  • erged 12 km (each)
  • Did not race, though we were at the lake on regatta weekend
  • Walked over to the park and checked out the regatta vendors
  • Did row for the first time in months (Ted only)
  • Put in a full workday (Paula only)
  • Watched contractors remove forms from our concrete foundation
  • Met with the cabinet designers
  • Were told by our general contractor that we should buy our appliances now (so cabinet people know what to design around)
  • Bought all the appliances (36” 6-burner range, wall oven, fridge, microwave, wine fridge, downdraft fan, garbage disposal, plus a few miscellaneous trim pieces and water/gas lines, not to mention a free(!) dishwasher that we don’t need and will sell
  • Cleared out furniture and contents that will be in the way when they refinish the floors (might be a couple months away, but they seem to be moving surprisingly fast)
  • Made the obligatory Jerry’s trip (local chain similar to Loew’s or Home Deport, but better)

    Decided what we want to do about sinks and faucets

We decided on the exact green shade for the house exterior last week, and still need to decide on roof, countertops and lighting.