Notes on attempting to KonMari my clothing

1. When I can’t figure out if something “sparks joy”, it can be more helpful to ask myself if I enjoy wearing it – or even, in some cases, if I enjoy owning it (e.g. my 15-million-meter t-shirt from Concept 2.) And then there’s my Intel volunteer shirt, where I don’t like wearing the shirt at all, but I like the things I get to do while wearing it, like singing in a choir performance.
2. My dresser drawers are quite long; shirts folded and stored vertically work much better in shorter rows from front to back thanlonger rows from side to side – easier to fill one whole row and leave another open for all the shirts I’m putting in the wash.
3. Speaking of which, wow it’s hard to get antiperspirant out of clothing (which is why I have so many otherwise clean shirts that need to be washed again). It’s hard to get off skin too; maybe I should just give up and switch to deodorant. They really need to invent a formula that doesn’t dissolve in sweat but dissolves instantly in soapy water.
4. Kondo’s method of thanking things for their service is surprisingly helpful when trying to get rid of, say, the alpaca cape I bought in Ecuador but never wore, or stuff that reminds me of living abroad when I bought it but that I don’t wear anymore due to change in style, size or lifestyle. I’m even giving up the purple skirt I knitted that’s a bit tight – though not the first cadre I ever knitted. I can’t give that away because I’d want to scavenge the buttons. Seems wrong to donate it without those and I’m too lazy to sew on less nice buttons. On the other hand, I don’t want to frog it and save the yarn, because if I liked how that yarn knitted up I would wear the sweater more 8n the first place!
5. This may be sacrilege, but I threw out a sweater made of Wollemeise. It had a hole, so possibly moths. Also, that yarn has beautiful colors, but it feels like string both while knitting and while wearing. I like the lines of the sweater but the neck never draped right and I didn’t like the fabric – I’m not a fan of reverse stockinette.
6. I do love sweaters, though. According to Kondo you are not supposed to have to rotate clothing seasonally, but I still have too many sweaters to keep both winter and summer ones accessible. What can I say, they do spark joy! But now I have one vacuum bag instead of 4.
7. My closet still doesn’t look minimal at all – but I’m giving away 8 bags of stuff! (One is still waiting for stuff I’m laundering.)
8. I will never ever ever do this with my books.

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