Remodeling progress

We we’re at the lake house this weekend but not last, so it’s been two weeks since we’ve seen the place. We have been talking to the contractors, though. The bad news is, there was a miscommunication with the garage door people, and their wood-fronted door is a normal overhead one after all, not a roll-up. (From what I;ve seen, this was entirely poor communication on the side of the garage door company, not our contractors. So we’re back to having a plain white metal door. It was important to us not to have the rails of an overhead door – it cuts into the boat rack storage area.

But they’re made a ton of progress; the ground floor has walls now, and the second floor is framed in, with the ceiling trusses up. The windows have arrived, and the old roof has been removed, over the whole house (the need to replace the roof and fix some trim was one of the concerns driving the timing of this whole effort).

The thing that amazes me most is, pretty much all of this has been done by two guys. I suspect progress will actually slow down when the get to the painting (indoor and outdoor), cabinetry and countertops, and they have to bring in specialty crews.

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