Labor Day week was supposed to be wonderful. We planned to pack up the cats and spend the week at the lake – Ted took the week off, since he has more vacation time, and I’d get the long weekend and then work from home.

Well, we did that but it didn’t go quite as planned. I should mention that one or both seemed to be off their feed all the preceding week (hard to tell which when they share a dish) but otherwise behaved normally except for one morning when Macchiato fell asleep behind my computer monitor and didn’t rouse when I petted her. Anyway, they both seemed fine when we caged them and took them out to the truck. We put them in the back of the truck this time – there’s a camper top, so it’s sae. We lashed down the carriers so they wouldn’t tumble, opened the doors so the cats could walk around, and laid out some blankets for their comfort. It wasn’t hot, but we opened a side window for ventilation.

When we were nearly to the house, we called in a takeout pizza order. When we stopped to pick it up, we went to check on the cats and found them yelling their heads off. Oolong looked fine but Macciato was on her side, panting and legs all well. She did get up then, and jump forward as if to get out of the truck so we knew she wasn’t hurt. We figured we were only about 10-15 minutes from home, so if something about the truck bothered her we’d be home soon. We grabbed the pizza, got back out three minutes later, rechecked the cats …. and found Macchiato lying on her side, very still. So we peeled out of theparing lot and headed straight to the vet who was fortunately located right across the street, only to be told she was gone.

A week later, back home, we had the annual check up for Oolong with our home vet canceling Macchiato’s appointment was a bit painful). We told her the full story and she noted in the records that Macchiato had a heart murmur, so best guess is that it was due to heart issues that escalated quickly. She was only 7. She used to like to sleep nestled in my arms – a bit painful, as that put her claws up by my armpits, but so endearing I didn’t have the heart to stop her.

As for the rest of the week, a few days later Ted got a cold, then I got it, and the weather was often a bit rough for rowing. And lots did get done on the house, but not the long-awaited and wished-for 6-burner range.

It wasn’t all awful and I’d have enjoyed the week a lot if not for Macchiato’s shadow haging over us. On the plus side we now have working pendant lights, wall oven, microwave, frige and wine fridge. And a week at the lake is still way better than a week in the office, even if I do have to work, and I did get out rowing 3 times and kayaking twice. It just … could be better.

Next week we need to head down to Ted’s parents’ town. His dad is having surgery and his mom’s memory loss means they probably need someone else around. (Am I the only one whose own experiences with aging family make them very uneasy with not only Trump, but with people as old as Biden, Warren and Sanders running in 2020? Even the ones who are now in their 90s or over 100 and still mentally sharp were, by their late 70s, definitely not the forces they once had been.)

Anyway, surgery is on Monday so we’ll head to the lake house Friday and the rest of the way down there Sunday. Hopefully the rest of the lights, the stove, and garbage disposals will all be functional when we get there, and the cabinet doors in place. I don’t think the garage will be done yet, but the kitchen remodel is much more exciting for me!