Weird thing happened to me last night – documenting it in case it happens again, so I’ll know when it started.

Around 2AM, I woke up feeling like I’d just swallowed a bit of acid – throat burning, acidic taste in the back of my mouth. Ensue coughing, retching and lots of saliva and mucus produced as my body tried to get it of it – not really vomiting, just bringing up clear liquid as you sometimes do when nauseated by a postnasal drip rather than by actual stomach upset.

As best I can guess from consultation with Dr. Google, I had some acid reflux (= esophageal sphincter didn’t seal right, let some stomach acid up the esophagus) and then aspirated it down my windpipe, since I was lying down asleep.

When I woke up the next morning at 6, my throat was burning and throat muscles were sore, and it felt like when you’ve been in a pool or exercising all day and you cough whenever you try to take a deep breath (exercise-induced asthma). Four hours later, the throat is still burning and swallowing is a little uncomfortable but my lungs are feeling better.

Not a lot of fun – I hope it was a one-time fluke. I’ve never had GERD, though my Mom does, but the reading I did last night sitting by the toilet makes me think I might have laryngopharingeal reflux, however you spell that; I clear my throat a lot and often feel like something is caught in my throat.

Also while I’m documenting, my back was sore again all last week while at the lake house, though it’s better now. It’s possible the bed there is the problem, though I think it’s more likely getting out in actual boats, both scull and kayak. Or maybe both things. (Ted used to have back issues there and says it turned out to be his pillows, rather than the mattress.)