And I’m late posting, because I adopted her a week and a half ago. Meet Pinot Gris:

She’s not perfect – for instance there’s her habit of walking straight up the nearest human to get up to a surface she can’t jump up to yet, not realizing that her claws go *right through* clothing 8nto skin, and I’m definitely getting a lot less knitting done as I try to keep her from biting the yarn. Also, she keeps trying to nurse on my face and neck, a very wet process.

But she is pretty special. She likes to nuzzle into my neck and gently pat my face with her claws in. She doesn’t scratch or bite humans on purpose, though my skin is starting to look like and old map from all the lines she’s scratched into it by accident. She’s snuggly, not at all shy, and likes humans. I can’t say she and Oolong are BFFs yet but they have a pretty good truce going – I only had to keep Pinot shut in a spare bedroom for a few days. She likes music, even my singing. She likes to sleep on me – though I’m also getting less sleep because she gets rambunctious for a while til she settles don’t think there’s any such thing as a calm kitten, but she’s only reasonably destructive. She follows me everywhere and sits on my lap and lets me rub her floodgates belly without attacking. Ok, she’s pretty perfect (and I’m pretty besotted).

But she does add new challenges to my morning routine!