I do not understand why WordPress gives me so many issues with adding images these days, but I always seem to have to go back to Classic mode to do it. Blah.

Anyway, I have just upgraded again and hopefully I can figure it out on this version because I have an awesome trip to write about!

First we went to New Orleans for Tulane homecoming. We flew in on the redeye, and spent the next couple of days with Ted’s college gang revisiting their old haunts. So picture a bunch of guys their fifties partying like they dd at twenty, only with less-unreasonable alcohol consumption and nights that ended at 12 or 1 instead of 2 … or sunrise. That actually sounds awful but it was wonderful because of course they weren’t random fiftyish dudes but old friends. They’re Ted’s old friends, not mine, but I really enjoy these guys. So we got to go to their class party in the Aquarium, to Pat-O’s (Pat O’Brians) for hurricanes, to a couple of oyster bars (one for snacks Friday night, one for breakfast Sunday), to a football game in which Tulane beat Tulsa by a big margin, a nice wine bar, a very crowded restaurant for some slightly overcooked New Orleans BBQ shrimp, and Cooter Brown’s. Cooter’s is not recommended for tourists – it’s a dive bar they used to patronize as drunken undergrads. Good beer selection though! But Ted didn’t have any, as he and his old roommate of course needed to stop at the drive-through daiquiri place in order to relive the full drunken undergrad experience!

The last night we were out until 1 – then I realized I’d left my phone in the Uber car. We were able to contact the driver and get it back but that took another hour – and Ted had to get up at 4 for an early flight out. So that left him 2 hours of sleep, which turned into 3 because the change away from Daylight Savings kicked in right then. I was flying out a couple hours later (to Poland, which will need to be another entry) but never got back to sleep so I passed the time contacting my credit card companies to notify them I’d be traveling. Not restful!