Sorry, I know, still haven’t written about my Poland trip. I should also update the other blog, since I recently re-registered the domain (and am consequently, annoyingly, getting a ton of calls from people wanting to help me with my “business” site.)

The major annoyance factors are these:

  • Ted’s grandfather died. This was not unexpected, he being 98, in pain, in poor health, and more than ready to go, but it’s still sad. It also means we need to go to a memorial ceremony on Saturday
  • which is 6 hours away
  • on the other side of the Cascades mountains
  • And Ted is heading off overseas and will be arriving back Friday. (I’m still not that comfortable with highway driving or long driving.)
  • Also, I just found out my car, which we plan to take (his being a Very Large Truck) doesn’t have a spare tire. Apparently Mercedes sold it to me with run-flat tires
  • which I didn’t realize when I replaced them a couple months ago, and the tire place apparently didn’t realize either.
  • And also apparently, because it’s AWD, you’re not supposed to put tire chains on this car, which are legally required in this state. Since it is AWD and as all-season radials, it may, however, be legal for me to be driving it without chains as long as I am carrying chains (that I can’t use), which is spectacularly silly.
  • So my primary plan is to go to Les Schwab this afternoon after work and throw myself on their mercy, probably ending up with a cheap set of chains and a tireFit kit (or possibly I will need to go to Mercedes for that, which would be annoying).

    That’s plan A. Plan B is to get snow tires; Plan C is to trade the damn thing in for a Subaru or a Jeep.

    Also, the Concept II Holiday Challenge has started, which means I don’t really have time for any of this, much less a weekend trip away from my erg. In the grand scheme of life, grandfathers outweigh erg challenges – I just wish all the other challenges didn’t go along with the memorial.

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