Just getting down a quick record before I post a thoughtpiece on the fires in OZ. We had a very quiet holiday – spent just an overnight with Ted’s parents between Xmas and NYE, but otherwise we were at home, at the lake, and didn’t even go out much. I finished the Holiday Challenge (it was a ‘hard year’, with a comparatively late Thanksgiving, and thus a shorter period to row in.) The weather wasn’t great, so I didn’t get out on the water at all, not even in a kayak. I finished two pair of socks and a cowl, and started a Waiting for Rain shawl – I’ve also got yet another pair of socks in work. Ted deepfried a pair of turkeys for Christmas dinner. I cooked a gratin Normande, a rib roast (prime rib, except it was technically USDA Choice) that came out very well, plus a roast spatchcocked chicken, made a batch of pretzels, and finished last night with red beans and rice.

We cleared out the last of the mess from the renovation, and the garage is now Ted’s pride. He framed a panel of moss to hang in my bathroom, but then managed to leave it there – it will probably die before we return, with no water. And we both had bad colds – his started just after Christmas and is still lingering. At least mine mostly cleared up quickly.

We acquired a new washing machine but are still waiting for a replacement microwave to replace the one that broke (a whole saga as the door latch refused to open – with my leftovers still in there!) We also got some barrel chairs for the new breakfast area and the great room – now we just need a lower table for the great room.

And we got lots of sleep, except for all the coughing. A very quiet break, boring but restful.