Though we are healthy, because we can work from home and our employers have been proactive about it, we seem to have been doing this longer than most people in the US. I realized today that I’m already a full week into semi-isolation.

It’s not complete isolation – after all, we’re still healthy and there are still just 65 (known) cases in this state. But it’s full-out social distancing.

On Friday I went to the supermarket and also stopped at Best Buy to pick up a set of the new AirPods, on the theory that, walked to a small local grocery on Saturday largely out of curiosity, talked to a neighbor (from a safe distance) Sunday while weeding. And we decided to have food delivered (by the ding-dong-ditch method) last night instead of what we were planning to cook. But I’ve been working from home with only that minimal direct contact with the outside world, all the way since last Thursday.

At least we were able to spend the weekend at the lake so I was looking at a different set of four walls, and was able to get out on the water a couple times, over the weekend.

Ted’s got to go into the fab this afternoon or tomorrow, for the first time since we’ve been wfh, but that’s just to check on his guys – I don’t think he needs to be there for long.

I am very much enjoying the chance to knit while on telecons, do laundry, start dinner etc, and most of all to be either busy or not busy and never have to *look* busy. It’s also better for balance, when you have early morning and evening meetings, to be able to take some time in the middle of the day. Only thing that’s bugging me is the lack of daylight; it was better while we were at the lake, but here in the townhouse, my desk is in the loft area, which is in the center of the house with no windows. I suppose I could take my laptop to the couch for a bit of sun now and then.

ETA: Whoops, wrote this Wednesday and it looks like I never published. I’m not on Day 9!