Clearly I need to resume regular(ish) blogging again to have a record of these days. I guess we’re always living through history, but that feeling is a lot more palpable than usual.

I have ventured out a few times. Friday, Ted had to go into the fab, so I took advantage of not having my car blocked in by his truck (the lack of parking is definitely my least favorite part of where we live!!) to go on an errand. I’d put in a grocery order for pickup but was unable to schedule a pickup time until Monday(!) so I decided to go and grab a few items I needed – quick in, quick out, touch as little as possible. It wasn’t at all crowded, but unfortunately not everyone there was being careful at keeping a 6’ separation, you could definitely tell who was and who wasn’t, so I was glad to spend as little time as possible there. I didn’t spend time walking the aisle to see what they had or didn’t have, but as I had guessed, the produce section was well stocked.