Woohoo! I just had a social experience! My Monday noontime knitting group at work decided to meet over Skype. Only a fwe people showed up, but that was fun.

Later this afternoon I have to go pick up my grocery order – very curious to find out if there’s anything I won’t get. I didn’t order tp or alcohol, but did include a loaf of bread.

This big excitement, however, was at 3AM this morning, when a smoke alarm started chirping. The one new 9V battery we had didn’t seem to fix the problem. And then at 3:30 another one went off! It turns out that with these, when the battery needs to be replaced it actually chirps and then says “LOW BATTERY! LOW BATTERY!” When it only chirps you are supposed to replace the whole thing. Less easy than usual, right now! I have ordered 6 new ones from Amazon, that are currently supposed to get here on Thursday. Fingers crossed. Because apparently the usual drama of waking us at 3AM wasn’t enough for these alarms, no, they had to go off at 3AM in a pandemic for extra excitement!