I did something smart late last year; I went for a checkup with my regular doctor. I hadn’t been going to her for a while; my company has a health clinic that is in the same building I sit in, it’s easy to get an appointment there, and I like the NP there (they have an MD too, just haven’t seen him as much) better than my regular doc. But I wanted to stay on the regular doctor’s rolls; her office is closer to home, it’s part of the Providence system (which made it easier to get a colonoscopy within that system last December). They drop you as a patient if you haven’t been in two years. So I saw her for a checkup I really didn’t need (or want to pay for) but that means I am now a Providence patient in good standing. They have COVID19 testing up and running now, with more capacity than the state, but you do have to be a patient and have a referral from your doctor. Hopefully this is not something I’ll need, if I stay isolated, but it’s nice to know I can.

ETA They just closed the clinic at my site! There is one still open at another campus that’s actually closer to me, but this still seems an odd response to people getting sick. I should still be able to do video/phone visits with medical staff from the other site, too, should I need them. I think.

Yesterday I picked up groceries – I put the order in last Friday, but Monday at 4 was the earliest option to pick them up. It ended up being a big order, just because of trying to minimize the number of future shopping trips needed, but because with so many days between shopping and picking up, I kept thinking of items to add. I did get more than we really need right away (if I have a half a bag of bread flour, do I need a new bag now?), but hopefully it doesn’t count as hoarding, since I only got one or two of each thing, or else the amount I’d normally buy. Unfortunately, there was an entire page of items they not only didn’t have, but weren’t able to make substitutions for, everything from flour to tomato paste to plain bagels to shrimp. They had most other items or were able to make reasonable substitutions, though a couple of them were funny – I’d ordered in 3 small boules of sourdough bread to freeze, 8 ounces each, and they gave me 24 oz boules instead! So I have All the Sourdough bread. I ended up with 2 lbs of green beans, and I’m not sure if that was my fault or their sub. In additions to green beans as a side dish, I guess we have Thai beef with green beans in our near future. And I had to turn one substitution down: they tried to replace the Coke Zero Ted drinks with diet Dr. Pepper Ick!