Social isolation, Day 20

I’m fine.

I finished a *very annoying* pair of socks yesterday – the yarn’s too think and I should have used size 0 instead of size 1 needles, and the lace / cable pattern on the leg was complex enough that I always had to be looking at it. Also, I really don’t like knitting two-at-a-time – yes, you don’t have Second Sock Syndrome, but progress feels so much slower. But they’re done, and they’re pretty.

Only thing is, they hae a common problem with gradient yarn: the gradient is too low for an average-sized pair of women’s socks, so I only get half the colors. I have enough yarn for another pair of anklets, but then they’d also only have half the colors.

My another project is more pleasant to work on; I’m making a Na Craga sweater for Ted. Unlike the socks, it’s actually simpler to knit than it looks; each of the cable patterns used has either a 4- or 8-row repeat so they line up nicely, and you can easily see where you are. Also, I’m not putting any pressure on myself to finish it any time soon, which is a good thing because I’ve already ripped it back twice. Yes, I did swatch; problem is this yarn in that pattern is so stetchy it’s hard to get a good feel for the size of the swatch. My last attempt was coming out way too large, and not dense enough, so I’ve redone it with smaller needles.

It’s too complicated to knit during telecons, though, and I also wanted a smaller project, so I’ve started a poncho. It’s giving me flashbacks – not to the poncho days of the 1970s, fortunately, but to my early knitting days. Last time ponchos had a moment, I made one. No pattern for the poncho; I chose a stitch pattern (K3, (yo, k2), repeat to last 3 sts, k3 for every row), made a long rectangle, and sewed one short end to the end of a long side. It’s wonky because I wasn’t a very good knitter at the time. But I just realized today; I was envisoning a sea-glass pale blue, but the yarn I wanted didn’t have precisely what I wanted (one colorway was too green, one was too bright, one darker one was great but I have too many darker blue sweaters) so I went with off-white … the same color as the last ponsho I made. It may be a similar yarn composition, too, but the other one was pre-Ravelry so I have no idea what it’s made of. I think this one will be more wearable.

I’ve been loving my singing lessons, have participated in a few virtual knitting circles, and I’m still working full time, still erging 5 days a week. I’d like to get outside more (is going for a Sunday drive a violation of the directive to do only essential travel?) But otherwise, I’m good, though I do spend too much time watching corona statistics rise and rise.

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