Pandemic quarantine, Day 65

I thought it would be a good idea to chronicle this period, so I’d know what happened when. Clearly I have not done so well with that. Here are some numbers, though:

  • Days since I last wore a bra: 65
  • Days since I last wore pants or skirt without an elastic waist: 65 (also, I’ve been counting (opaque) tights as pants!)
  • Shopping trips: it’s complicated. I stocked up before the stay-home order, but since I started working from home, there have been 3 times where I ordered online and picked up groceries – but on two of those I had to dart inside (masked) for an item or two they didn’t sell online, so I give up on online grocery ordering One trip to New Seasons (local upscale chain like Whole Foods), one trip to Collective Market (products like a farmer’s market), one trip to the butcher. Three stops to small local grocery near the lake house for a needed item or two that let me postpone major shopping. Still not a lot for over two months.
  • Days on which I’ve worn jewelry, other than a watch: 3 or 4.
  • Businesses I’ve visited other than for groceries: the post office. That’s it.
  • Last time I ate in a restaurant: March 10 (I have gone in one a couple of times to pick up pizza. I wore a mask.)
  • Times we’ve ordered food delivered: about 5
  • Knitting projects: 5 done, 3 in work
  • When I plan to go back into the office: not for a long long time. My company is encouraging managers to support working from home, if it makes sense for our jobs, til the end of 2020
  • Masks owned: two, but I’ve ordered 3 more

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