apparently it’s been so long since I updated that WordPress hates me now

This is approximately my 6th attempt to write this. Saving now, to make sure I don’t waste more time.

Yay, it worked!

Onto what I actually meant to say. It kills me that I don’t have a written record of living through this historic time, but I just haven’t managed to summon up my blogging mojo. I’m not bored enough, is the problem. Work is both busy and challenging and if I have any creativity leftover there’s knitting and puzzles and the mini-dollhouse kit I’m desultorily working on.

I’m also disappointed to find that apparently I never wrote my annual Chanukah poem last year! I promise to improve on that, at least. (This entry was originally intended to be links to all my past Chanukah poems, then I got caught up in WP issues.)

We spent last weekend helping the in-laws move into an independent-living place. It was a bit frustrating, both because they are distressingly foggy on the concept of social distancing despite good intent (e.g wearing a mask but shaking the movers’ hands! *cringe*) and because they couldn’t seem to focus on getting things actually packed. We’d gone there for a couple of previous weekends in the past months, but the amount done between our visits was less than we hoped. Some of it is age and various physical issues, some of it, I think, was just that they love their house. It was their own decision to leave, they know it’s the right move for them and they’re looking forward to many aspects of it, but that still doesn’t make it easy to leave a home you love, that you’ve spent decades getting just right. Frustrating for everyone (I’m sure they felt we kept hurrying them along) but they seemed to have settled in happily now.

In other news, after my sourdough starter (made from just flour and water, not a starter I got from anyone) spent almost two weeks just sitting around, with a few bubbles but not really increasing in size, it spent the time we wre away in the fridge and seems to have liked that treatment. So now it’s alive! I made my first loaf Saturday. Not much of a sourdough tang, but it rose! I think it just needs to age into more flavor.

So now I have joined the ranks of the quarantine-sourdough bakers. But honestly, as long as we can keep healthy, I think the pandemic has been easier on us than most. We have so little social life that the biggest difference has mostly been working from home. Since I have no need at all to be at work, in late October I came down to the lake and I plan to stay here til at least the end of the year (I might just go back for a week in January, refill prescriptions and such, and head back down here). Ted has to check in to his office and the fab occasionally, so he’s been alternating biweekly, but I think he will be able to stay here for most of the rest of the year now. It’s just so much nicer to work down here! Even though I don’t get to go on the water now, due to both colder weather and the beginning of this year’s Concept 2 Holiday Challenge, so it’s all erging, all the time. I think this is my 17th or 18th one!

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