The other annual light-in-darkness poem

With affectionate thanks to the Fae group on Ravelry.

This year, the night is roiling,
Black layered over deeper dark
Until my path ahead became impossible to see.
My candle guttered,
Too small to light the way.

Then I turned around,
And stopped wide-eyed
– shocked to see –
Hundreds of tiny flickering candles
Outlining the path behind me,
Each carefully held by someone
Walking along the same way.

With an eye on the lights behind me
I moved forward – we

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1 Response to The other annual light-in-darkness poem

  1. Janet Loughheed says:

    Lovely. Yes, this is what a hundreds of points of light can do. We are together on a path not always of our choosing, but we can pick our steps in the darkness…

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