Jewelry-Making Policy

I’ve gotten a few questions as to whether I sell any of the jewelry I make. I don’t really want to make a business of it right now. Possibly in the future, if I have more time and better skills. On the other hand I also have more handmade jewelery than I can wear, I enjoy making more, and I need to keep making more if I want to build skills. So, here is what I’ve decided. If you see something posted here that you’d want, or if you have an idea for something you’d like me to make you, comment or email me and we can talk about terms. I’m posting this now so I can refer back to it, in case of any future questions. Some parameters:

  1. Barter is fine. If you make or have something you think I’d like to trade, ask me about it. If it’s writing, like a story or poem, I just get a copy to read. You retain copyright. If it’s a material item (say, you have an extra copy of a book I’d like) we each pay our own shipping.
  2. If you’d rather just pay cash, I can accept Paypal. For something like simple earrings, pendants, necklaces or bookmarks that take me little time to make, I’ll just ask for the cost of materials and shipping. For more complicated pieces that take a long time to make, I’ll add a small charge for labor.
  3. For landscape photos, you pay the cost to enlarge and print whatever size you specify, plus shipping. Rudder and I retain copyright to the image.
  4. I reserve the right to just give things away when I want to. I also reserve the right to keep anything. If I’m being really diligent, I’ll note when I post a picture if something’s spoken for or if I mean to keep it.
  5. None of the above applies to knitting except the giving away part. It just takes too long and materials cost too much to ever be anything but a hobby. If I ever give you a hand-knitted item, you can safely assume it’s made with as much love as yarn.
  6. All of the above applies until I say it doesn’t any more. If and when I do change these policies, I will try to remember to edit this page, but no guarantees.

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