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10 years on

First, the Venice report and photos are here and the next two entries (the photos are in the third one.) Meanwhile, I’ve just realized that I missed my decade blogiversary! I wrote my first entry on March 9, 2001 during … Continue reading

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The mirroring worked, yay! But the posts showed up with comments disabled on the other sites. I’ve now changed the settings so they should be allowed – after all the whole point of my being on LJ and DW was … Continue reading

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This post is written at Dichroic Reflections; if my new plug-in works correctly it should be mirrored to Dreamwidth and LiveJournal (so if you’re seeing it there, it worked).

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admin note

I have just removed some malicious files from this site (gambling shit – does anyone ever really gamble on a site they’ve been led to by spam or malware?) and changed the admin password. I believe it is safe, and … Continue reading

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linkages and transfer stuff

Note to blogroll-ees: I just edited my blogroll. In addition to deleting a couple that are moribund, I’ve also removed the Diaryland and LJ ones. If you’re one of those, it’s not that I don’t love you any more; it’s … Continue reading

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Fonts are a little bigger now. (At least, I told them to be and they are on IE.)

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new template

I think this is the template I’ll be sticking with for a while. I’d appreciate feedback on whether it’s easy enough to rea, plays nicely with peoples’ browsers, and so on. I can tweak fonts and make other minor changes … Continue reading

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I’ve just updated to WordPress v2.1. Two clicks, literally: one to upgrade and one to upgrade the database. I thought I’d have to reinstall the plug-ins and customizations to my theme, but nope. There they were waiting for me. Ridiculously … Continue reading

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Subscription Form

It is now possible to receive notification by email whenever this site is updated. To subscribe, enter your email in the box provided at the lower right. (If you have a WordPress account, you can also elect to control your … Continue reading

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