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These are not good poems, I don’t think

THe first one suffers from lack of water time. It’s a response to Millay’s “My heart, Being Hungry”, and its startings came to me while I was out rowing. But I haven’t been in a boat for a while (and … Continue reading

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an unexpected poem happened by

This comes from a bunch of things. Elizabeth Goudge sent me to Rupert Brooke (and wow – I’d never seen that sonnet before. What a wallop it has!) which of course made me think of the end of his life, … Continue reading

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the first light in the darkness

Somehow it feels like the days are getting short earlier this year. That is actually true: sunset tonight is six minutes earlier here than it is in Eindhoven, where I was at this time last year. (This surprises me – … Continue reading

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I’m not sure if this one is done

This year’s iteration of my annual light-in-darkness poem seems to be a tiny one: In the darkest part of the year, we set out, our keel pointed into midnight, trusting the stars and our own hand on the tiller to … Continue reading

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Sally Kristen Ride (1951 – 2012)

Gravity no longer holds her down and what she’s learning now, she will not reach back to teach us – not as we sit here, anyway. Who knows what learnings lie ahead once we’ve followed her path? But let it … Continue reading

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answers to poetry contest

The poems are posted at my site | LiveJournal | Dreamwidth; the books they appear in are as follows: ANSWERS: a. Dragonsinger, by Anne McCaffrey b. Someone pointed out that this version is actually The Hobbit; the LOTR version begins, … Continue reading

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poetry contest

Recently I was reading something where the main character was supposed to be a talented poet. Only problem is, the author … is not. (It’s a decent book otherwise and isn’t pretending to undue literary merit, so I won’t link … Continue reading

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The Glory of Repetition

Step by step the longest march can be won, can be won; Many stones may build an arch, singly none, singly none. Dip your blades deep in the shining water, pull, uncurling like a metered spring. Feel the boat beneath … Continue reading

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What I need here is someone to write a tune

It seems to me that we have a lot of protests these days, but not nearly enough protest songs. This one came boiling up very quickly tonight, inspired by a speech of Molly Ivis’ (duh) and a few fiery young … Continue reading

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November makings

My knitting has gotten complicated again. I’ve just started a lace cowl I’m calling Wisp, an airy thing made of blue-gray lace yarn left over from a couple of shawls. It’s too my own pattern; the first lace stitch I … Continue reading

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