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Field trip

Just about every time I go someplace on public transit, I see big groups of teenagers: girls, boys, mixed groups. Sometimes I also see them walking around the city. Today I went on a “field trip“ with a bunch of … Continue reading

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Opabinia Chanukkianah

This may be the coolest menorah ever: . (I didn’t buy it, because I’m not really a biology person – more into physics. Now if someone made a nebula menorah this cool…. But I did buy a few other things … Continue reading

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Report on one-bag light packing experiment

Experiment failed. Well, that’s not strictly true – according to the scientific method, the experiment succeeded in disproving my hypothesis. LAB REPORT Hypothesis: one- bag method is more pleasant way to travel in all or almost all cases. Test subject: … Continue reading

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NAYY (website review)

I’m not putting this under a cut because a fair number of people are interested in either bras or website usability, in addition to those who care about both. Just now I was looking up some bras. (And by the … Continue reading

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this is why it’s really not a good thing when I get in shopping mode

What I meant to buy today: short pajama bottoms and a soap dish, maybe some groceries. What I actually bought: um, pretty much a spring summer wardrobe. Two dresses, one skirt, two cardigans, and a bunch of layering pieces (3 … Continue reading

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stuff I did today

One of the things I’m looking forward to in the Netherlands is the likelihood of an apartment with some soundproofing. We did sometimes have to sleep with earplugs because we lived right in the Centrum, right by the bars, and … Continue reading

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This is a bit silly: below is a picture of all the stuff I accumulated during my trip.] That includes stuff I bought on the trip as well as stuff waiting for me when I got back here. Missing from … Continue reading

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how many boats is too many?

I’m tempted to send the Mommy sock to my friend to go with the Baby sock for her daughter. Only one problem: there’s another daughter (not to mention two sons). I think I can send just one pair of socks … Continue reading

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poised on the horns

Currently the major dilemmas in my life are all minor – well, there’s a big job decision, but I think either option would be OK. Harry Potter – to be spoiled or not? I’ve read several of the spoilers out … Continue reading

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