Free knitting pattern: Power 10 Rowing Socks

This sock features every rowing motif I could figure out how to knit: rowing shells (quads) on the instep, followed by a ‘wake’ cable pattern. There are oars along either side of the foot, with hatchet blades extending into the heel gusset. A ‘ripple’ cable pattern that flows up the back of the leg extending into the heel flap, and there are two more boats on the front of the leg, finishing with a wavy picot bind-off.

Honestly, it’s a pretty complex pattern: you have two charts going at once. On the other hand, only one stitch at a time moves on all of the cabling, making it easy to do without cable needles, and since it’s only in one color and knitted tow-up, there is no finishing needed except to work in the two yarn ends at the start and finish. One warning: do not do this one in a highly variegated yarn. There’s no point in working all those cables if you can’t even see them!

Free Ravelry Download (you don’t have to be on Ravelry to use this)

This is only the third pattern I’ve ever written up and it’s by far the most complicated. Please do let me know if you spot any flaws or confusing parts!

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