August 03, 2001

still pressed for time

Today I renewed my library card and applied for unemployment, in that order. Yes,
I do have my priorities straight!

I've also called a company I
almost took an offer with several months ago; the guy there had to have me call
back, as he was on another line, but did sound interested. And I've applied to a
company quite a few people from my former place work at, and had someone from the
outplacement service thy gave me look over my resume.

And gotten out
a whole stack of library books and called about the bookcases we're getting soon
and verified my final paycheck was deposited, dropped off the I-won't-sue-if-
you'll-pay-me-severance agreement, and polished all 20 nails in preparation for
going to YSam's wedding tonight. And rowed, as mentioned earlier.

also joined an egroup just for former employees of my former employer, which
should say something about how many there are.

I'm going to need to
find a job quickly. This laid-off stuff could get exhausting -- there's so much to

Posted by dichroic at August 3, 2001 04:59 PM
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