August 03, 2001

First day home

Well. First day at home, post layoffs. Rowing practice was strenuous this morning (500m races instead of the drills they said we were going to do) and thus I need calories. Clearly, there's only one thing to be done: ice cream for breakfast!!

After that, there are a million things to be done, most having to do with the search for a new job. I've got more stuff listed on my calendar for today than I ever do on a workday, though, luckily, it doesn't all have to get done this instant. Still, the sooner I send out resumes, the sooner I can hope to hear back.

Right now, I'm feeling not so much let down as anticipatory, as if a door has opened in front of me. It's exciting to think I could completely change my life, and go be a teacher or a writer, a manager, or a student, or any number of other things. I hope this attitude lasts. I'm going to have to keep reminding myself not to limit my options as I get into the job search. I wasn't entirely satisfied with what I was doing, though I enjoyed parts of it, and I do like variety. So I will interview with anyone ho is interested in me, and who sounds interesting, and see what the wheel will turn up for me.

Everyone at rowing, and on my main list has been very sympathetic, and I've gotten several very nice guestbook entries as well. Some people had good suggestions, too. YSam, a former headhunter and currently in HR, asked for my resume; Pigtails, a hiring manager, promised to keep her eyes open for me, and another woman who is a teacher suggested I could substitute teach until I find a new job. I could do that -- it might be fun, and would be good for my presentation and training skills. So I'm looking forward to my time off and to what I'll do next.

Rudder wanted me to make this poem last night, though I'm not sure he intended me to post it. It's a bit of a cooperative effort, as was the event which inspired it. Stop here if you're squeamish.

Milky, opaque, blank, featureless;
It seems appropriate
That the act which has left this,
Slime-pooled on my leg
Has left my mind in much the same state.
Sometimes, that's all I ask.
Posted by dichroic at August 3, 2001 09:59 AM
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