August 02, 2001

Yosemite Sam's a-gettin hitched

Weights today, and I was a good girl and didn't cut anything (much) short even
though my shoulder hurts.

Tomorrow night, we're going to Yosemite
Sam's wedding. It's a second wedding for both, and they have about four or five
kids between them. Second weddings tend to be a bit more informal, of course.
Still, I thought the invitation, which was sent out by email, not to individuals,
but via the rowing program's email list, and which, instead of saying "Cordially
invited" or "Please come," said "If you come, put on some clothes", was just a
trifle.....well, tacky. (The bit about putting on clothes meant real clothes, as
opposed to the tank tops/sports bras and spandex shorts we row in. He didn't
really expect anyone to show up naked. At least, I don't think

YSam has told us he's not nervous, and that he's treating this
as a competition. He's written his own vows; his goal is to make the judge
marrying them cry, along with the rest of us. He's told us he wanted a traditional
Hawaiian wedding, but couldn't persuade his bride, who is Hawaiian, to go topless.
(I suggested a coconut shell bra.) She is actually very good looking: 6 inches
taller than he is (which still doesn't make her unusually tall), Asian, and
looking at least 10 years younger than she is. She's also quiet and sensible.
Definitely an odd couple.

So if YSam gets his way, I expect this
wedding to be a bit excessive. The redeeming factor will be that he really does
love her, and I assume the reverse is true. They're old enough and experienced
enough to know their own minds, and they're happy together. No matter what he says
to the rest of us, he never, ever, ever says a word about her that isn't a glowing
realization of how lucky he is. So whatever else happens, it will be a good
wedding, because it will be a great marriage.

Also, from a purely
personal standpoint, I will get to wear my Cool Skirt with the sequins that I've
only worn once, and will get to see some people I really like that I haven't seen
for quite a while. Should be fun.

Posted by dichroic at August 2, 2001 10:59 AM
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