August 02, 2001

the axe falls

Fuck. I've been laid off. The way things were going at my company, this wasn't a
shock, but it is a surprise. I was actually on two billable

Since the company is laying off billable people, since this
is the third major layoff, and since from the rumored numbers, they must be laying
off 10-20%, I conclude they must be hurting.

Though I'm not happy
about this, I'm not too upset. I've been teetering on the edge of the should-I-
leave decision, and this makes the decision easy. Unlike the process by which
they've been letting people over the last several months, this is a true layoff,
so I get some severance pay, as well as my accrued vacation. That gives me a bit
of a grace period until I even have to dip into savings. I've survived so many
layoffs in my career that I knew I couldn't trust my luck much

This is absolutely the wrong time to get laid off, though. If
I'd gotten it in the first wave, back in December, the climate would have been
better in all respects. Now the job market is clogged by layoffs all around, and
it's too damned hot to do anything outdoors (read: free). Still, the time off will
be nice, to sleep and to work on job-hunting and other projects.

the "fuck" at the beginning of this entry is there not entirely out of irritation,
but because I'm no longer updating illicitly at work, and now I don't have to
worry about what filtering software may be watching me.

Posted by dichroic at August 2, 2001 04:06 PM
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