September 28, 2001

What was I going to say?

There's a new upscale mall not two miles from my house, that will be opening in
less than a month. If I'm still unemployed by then, I can go hang out there and
pretend I'm too rich to have to work. Obviously, that would mean also pretending I
dress the way I do out of some kind of reverse chic. Or maybe just because it's

Several stores in the new related shopping centers on
other corners of the mall intersection have already opened. Today I went to check
out The Great Indoors, which carries pretty much everything for the house except
major furniture -- basically, it's like a combination of Home Depot and Bed, Bath
and Beyond, with several dollar signs thrown in. They have alphabet stencils which
I'd been looking for ages. You can find little bitty ones, but it's hard to find
letters big enough to be seen if you put them up high.

So now my next
project is going to be stenciling a quotation around the dining room, up near the
ceiling. I'll go buy the stencils and paints just as soon as I remember the
perfect quote I'd found for that spot.

Posted by dichroic at September 28, 2001 04:59 PM
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